University of Michigan

Our Corporate Consortium and Other Research Partners

The HMRC maintains a loosely knit Corporate Consortium of about 20 organizations that meet annually in December to review their respective learnings for the year, as they each strive to improve the health of their respective populations and to improve their health status and economic outcome measures.

Each of the organizations supports a data warehouse on the University of Michigan servers for the purposes of (1) searching for relationships in the data that will lead to healthier populations and (2) improving organizational outcomes related to health care costs and productivity.

The data warehouse is maintained in secure and silo data schemes. The HMRC de-identifies each of the hundreds of data tables to further increase confidentiality. Finally, the HMRC creates a totally de-identified “big” database for even larger-scale studies in which all the data are combined. This “big” database is available for HMRC research on advanced topics related to complex interactions and future outcomes.

Allegiance Health
Boehringer Ingelheim
Contractor's Risk Management Services
Crown Equipment
Cuyahoga Community College
Delphi Automotive Systems
Florida Power and Light
General Motors
Gulf Power, Southern Company
Ingersoll Rand
Medical Mutual of Ohio
RR Donnelley
St. Luke Health System
St. Joseph Health System
University of Missouri
We Energies